TOV NVO “CHERVONYI METALIST” has been known for a long time not only in Ukraine, but also beyond its borders as a powerful
scientific and productional complex.

It is one of the leading enterprises specializing in the development and production of explosion-proof electrical equipment, means
of automation, instruments and systems of safety engineering for operation at the enterprises of coal, oil, gas and chemical industry in
areas with explosion hazardous concentration of methane and coal dust.

In recent years a small shell-producing factory has turned into the enterprise which is well-known for its industrial and intellectual

Director – Spitsky Alexander 

Developing new products, specialists of the enterprise have introduced into production large part of new technical solutions, which
are protected by 10 author’s certificates and 6 patents.

At the present time a number of new products ensuring the safety work of miners have been developed and are being serially produced:
– СМ1.1.1 methane alarm combined with a headlamp;
– СМГ.1.03 explosion-proof headlamp:
– ИЗША mine atmosphere dust content meter;
– Signal.5 methane alarm:
– СЗВ.1 explosion proof audible signaling device:
– Vesna СРС
– ДМД degassing systems methane analyzer;
– ДСНВ air movement velocity and direction meter;
– МРШ1.1, МРШ1.2, МРШ1.3 mine high-speed methane relays;
– АКРД degassing regime control apparatus.

Besides the enterprise has developed and mastered the production of different kinds of transport containers, which are delivered to
automobile plants in Germany.

The enterprise has the equipped Testing center, which is accredited in the UKRSEPRO system, where the tests of the products being
manufactured are conducted. It allows ensuring considerably quality and safety of operation.

The enterprise is constantly performing the re-equipping of existing production, creating new capacities, using new technological
processes, modern machinery.

Consumer goods occupy a special place in the production of TOV NVO “Chervonyi Metalist” the electric household pumps
«Neptun» with upper and lower water intake, locks of different purposes, safes, toolboxes, etc.